Church Building Expansion

Devine Christian Church is going through a building expansion. God has blessed us with many new families, and we're looking forward to more joining us in the very near future. Our church now can seat about 200 people, that's 200 souls that God can bring so we can minister His Word to. This is what our church is all about, and because we are always looking for more ways to minister and reach people with the Gospel, we are continuing to build and plan for the future. In recent years we have expanded our parking lot, our auditorium, and added an additional restroom for ladies, that is handicap accessible.

Now we have begun our most ambitious project yet, the construction of an all-purpose room, that will be able to seat up to 300 people. It will also have a half-court basketball court, for basketball and volleyball. A full sized kitchen for our church meals, restrooms, and classrooms for our children and teenage ministries. This will only be possible with God's help, we're trusting in His will and His timing. But we're not sitting idly by, we're actively planning and fundraising for this project.

We have currently raised about $110,000 out of the estimated $200,000 that will be needed to complete this project. If you would like to donate and help us reach our goal this can be done by clicking the "give" button below. We know God wants us to reach more people, because the more we focus on souls, the more He blesses us. This all-purpose room will allow us to reach many more people who need Jesus, especially children and teens who are under attack from the enemy more than ever. We look forward to all that God is going to do at Devine Christian Church and we're very thankful for all that He's already done. All thanks to God!

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